The best Bungalow Resorts in Phu Quoc


Bungalows are separated rooms from the block, completely independent and equipped so they are beloved in resorts.

In this article, we will introduce travelers who are looking for a resort with the beautiful and unique beach bungalow phu quoc

  1. Chen Sea Resort

It has many separate bungalow, also known as the villa, including of Pool Villa with pool in the bedroom.

Chen Sea Resort & Spa is a beach-front, 4-star resort in a quiet bay area of Phu Quoc Island. It offers private bungalows and villas and extensive spa facilities.

Chen Sea Resort & Spa Phu Quoc is accessible from Phu Quoc Airport, which is a 50 minute domestic flight from Ho Chi Minh city and a 2 hour 10 minute domestic flight from Hanoi.

  1. Bungalow Mango Bay

Bungalow Mango Bay
Bungalow Mango Bay

Located away from the town of Duong Dong and airports, Mangobay Resrot is very quiet and wild, perhaps hence fewer Vietnamese people stay here but Mangobay Resort is the popular name for foreign tourists. This resort is very large and especially it is formed from several Vietnamese bungalow-style houses on stilts.

With an area of 20 hectares consisting of 30 rooms, Mango Bay Resort is an eco hotel located away from Duong Dong town center giving you the feeling of isolation as living in nature. A large area of the hotel is the natural trees and meadows stretching along the 1-km beautiful pristine beach. It recommends choosing this bungalow phu quoc island if you like the feeling of living close to nature: from designing bathrooms with open outdoor spaces, until room amenities just with a fan to really enjoy the sea wind.

  1. Bungalow Thanh Kieu Resort

All the bunglows at Thanh Kieu Resort have no air conditioning but it is one of the resorts chosen by so many foreign tourists. Nice interior and good service combined with low rates are the strengths of Thanh Kieu Resort.

Thanh Kieu Resort is located in an alley near Truong beach including 38 bungalows, all of which are not air-conditioned, with simple furnishings. With large areas and moderate rates – Thanh Kieu was mentioned as a good choice for the coastal resorts and the tourists who like experiencing nature in Vacation bungalow in Phu Quoc.

  1. Huong Giang Bungalow

It is the coastal hotel comprising 16 bungalows located in the busy tourist area of Phu Quoc. With a 5-minute walk you can enjoy yourself in the cool water of the sea. Huong Giang is the best choices if you want to pay lower rates but still pleased with the location of the sanctuary. Pros: Cheap rates. Cons: no pool and private beach.